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Dr. Electric is the local leading service provider for tasks such as lighting repairs. Getting work done for a service like this is often procrastinated, because people view it as nothing more than an inconvenience.

However, the truth of the matter is this can pose a very real safety threat. Do not lose sight of the fact that behind those lights are the electrical wires running them. And wires are nothing you want to take a chance with.

Quality Lighting Repairs And Service Excellence

You may have already had to deal with some of the more common types of lighting repairs, or may be noticing signs that you should call in a Birmingham electrician, now. Either way, some of the common electrical repairs our specialists deal with include, but are not limited to:

  • Flickering or dimming lights are not something that should be ignored. A loose connection in the wiring means a lingering fire hazard in your walls.
  • If you notice a burning smell when you use any of your lighting, do not delay. Discontinue use and call in an industry expert, immediately.
  • If your light fixtures are the cause for tripping breakers or blowing fuses, it is vital that you have it checked out.

Lighting that tends to burn through bulbs quickly should also be thoroughly inspected. It is very likely more that just an inconvenience.

Obviously, if you flick the switch and don't get any power, it is time to let a trained and experienced expert take a look.


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Don't take chances when it comes to the quality of service you get for your lighting repair needs. Electrical work is too serious an area to gamble with. Protect yourself, as well as your home, by opting for the finest in quality service work.

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