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If what you are looking for is superior service from an Pelham electrician, both residential and commercial clients know that the name to rely on is Dr. Electric. Widely respected for our ability to troubleshoot electrical repair needs, we quickly gained recognition and attention for all the different types of services we can provide.

Add to that, our capabilities offering the finest in personalized customer care, and it is no wonder we've earned the impeccable reputation that we have. Swiftly, safely and prompt and professional - all the things our electricians are known for, when it comes to providing results for the clients we work with.

Let Our Pelham Electricians Provide You With Quality Electrical Repairs

It can feel overwhelming - you know electrical safety is vital but find yourself in need of repairs. First, make it a point to disconnect the power and contact a professional. Do not attempt to DIY this work since you risk injury or fatality.

Examples of common problems include:

  • Loose or worn out outlet - visible sparks are often a symptom.
  • Switch covers that are warm to the touch, which usually means wiring needs secured or replaced, and you need to contact an electrician immediately.
  • Frequently tripped breakers mean your electrical system is overloaded and it is time for a panel upgrade.
  • An outlet that does not work at all any longer should not be ignored. This is often a sign that a poor connection or heat buildup has shorted it out and the problem still exists in your walls.

The Professional & Reliable Electrical Experts Dr. Electric

We Are The Leading Residential and Commercial Electrical Service Specialists in Pelham

Living in the Pelham area means taking care to select the right professional to address your service needs, especially for something as important as electrical work. From quality repairs to all types of lighting to wiring replacement, we want to be a part of helping you stay safe.

That also means provide you with comfort and convenience, in a residential or commercial setting. You are going to appreciate the dedication we have to our clients, including a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee we stand by completely.

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