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Electrical Safety Inspection

The best method of protection to keep your household safe from electrical problems is to schedule regular electrical safety inspections. And the smart approach to take is to contact Dr. Electric in order to get the most thorough and comprehensive results.

The bottom line is that we want your house to be as safe as possible, and that starts with the most important but potentially dangerous system of all - electric. Do not make the mistake of thinking the general home inspection conducted when you purchased the home will suffice, because you need something more thorough.

Keep Your Home Safe With Electrical Safety Inspections

When do you need one of these electrical safety inspections and why isn't a general home inspection enough?

  • A general home inspection looks for major red flags, but is carried out by more of a jack-of-all-trades. There have been times that even a fairly extensive home inspection missed something like concealed knob and tube wiring.
  • If your home is 40 years or older, this should be carried out on a relatively regular basis. Obviously, the older the system, the more likely there is to be an existing problem.
  • If you have been experiencing any issues, don't just do spot repairs. Inspect the entire system to make sure there is nothing else lying in wait.

If you are planning to remodel or carry out any major renovations, it is a good idea to check on the current condition of your electrical system first. Too often, a homeowner begins a major project only to discover existing electrical problems, once they have already begun tearing into walls. This can seriously end up putting you over budget.


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Satisfaction Guarantee With Your Electrical Safety Inspections

Why work with anyone unwilling to offer anything less than 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? Our team of Birmingham electricians are dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the work. Just like we are dedicated to making certain that your home is protected, with a thorough electrical safety inspection.

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