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GFCI Electrical Outlets

A GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupt, is a type of outlet put in place in order to keep your household safe. These have become the new standard for outlets in spaces that have both water and electrical components, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Dr. Electric is the name to know, for GFCI outlets and all of your electrical features. Our Birmingham electricians provide safe electrical repair and installation services, for a more than reasonable price.

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Why do we need this type of outlet and what good does it do?

  • GFCI outlets are placed as electrical outlets that are near water. This is not just a suggested safety feature, it is required by building code and law.
  • While the primary objective may not be to safeguard your appliances against damages, it certainly doesn't hurt that it's true. Nothing wrong with also wanting to prevent damages to your kitchen and bathroom appliances.
  • Having this type of outlet in place will help to aid in shock and electrocution prevention. Keeping you and your loved ones safe and free from injury is the most important benefit.

That means that GFCI outlets also aid in the prevention of fire. Safeguard your home, possessions and loved ones from the very real threat of fire with this step in the right direction for protection.


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The trick to getting installation, repairs or replacement for your GFCI outlets is making certain the work is topnotch. Never settle for anything less than the best, when it comes to the electrical system in your home or business. Let us help you keep your household and loved ones safe and secure.

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