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Standby Generators

Surprisingly, the number one benefit homeowners report, upon installing a home generator, is peace of mind. It is comforting knowing that if you lose power, you won't be left in the dark.

Dr. Electric wants to make sure that you and your family have access to a comfortable and safe environment, even during periods of black outs. Why put yourself through the unnecessary aggravation of being without power, when our Birmingham electricians can help prevent that from happening.

Keep That Power On With A Quality Backup Generator

Some of what you should know about backup generators include:

  • Whole-house generators differ from a portable one because it automatically springs into action, when the need arises. Portable generators cannot begin working until you are able to get it set up.
  • A potable generator runs a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If placed in an area where fumes from the machine get trapped, they can send CO back into your home causing severe illness or death.
  • You have to be able to gain safe access to set up this type of device. So, while it is still storming it will not be possible to put together the system, leaving you still stuck without power.
  • It can take up a fair amount of storage space, and end up buried under miscellaneous items. That makes it even more of a challenge to access, when the need presents itself.

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The bottom line is that having a reliable whole-house generator can provide you with what you need, during a loss of power. This helps prevent frozen food loss, helps keep everyone in a temperature controlled environment and enables in-home healthcare equipment to be able to continue to function. Set yourself up for success through snow, tornadoes, or construction that takes the power out, and let us provide you with automatic backup power.

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