What Could Be Causing Your High Electrical Bills

What Could Be Causing Your High Electrical Bills

Electric bills tend to fluctuate. In the hottest days of summer and coldest days of winter, the power required to keep your interior space temperature controlled can seriously spike.

In fact, this recent winter has been a prime example of unseasonably frigid temperatures for the Birmingham area, causing heating bills to soar. Sometimes though, the answer may not be that obvious and you need some answers - as well as suggestions for how to make those high electrical bills more manageable.

What's the Culprit & How to Help

Whether it's a spike or your bills just seem unreasonably high, it is time to start doing some investigative work.

Compare notes with neighbors, especially if they have a similar size home. If there is a big variance between the two bills, it is definitely time to do some more research.

Also, make it a point to call the utility company for a history of usage for the location. They can best determine if the amounts seem comparable or if there is a surge increase. If the numbers seem way off, the electric company may come and check it out themselves.

Know that the two most common sources of consuming your electricity are the HVAC system and your water heater. Check settings to make sure they are not set too high. When the time comes to replace components of either, opt for energy saving alternatives. And have an HVAC specialist check for air ducts leaks, or other possible efficiency problems.

Call in a professional electrician to have a look. They are able to easily spot causes, including finding energy loss areas. While there, let them conduct an electrical safety inspection which may help locate issues, and will improve the safety of your home.

Know the Name to Call

Dr. Electric is the preferred local electrician to call on, for both residential and commercial customers. Our Birmingham electricians take great pride in the work we do, including being able to ensure that your system is safe. Don't just accept drastically elevated energy bills, when there may be a way to reduce the costs.

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