4 Signs Your Home Needs New Electrical Wiring

4 Signs Your Home Needs New Electrical Wiring

The electrical wiring behind your walls isn’t something most Birmingham homeowners stop to consider very often, even though it’s one of the most important components of your electrical system. Electricity is inherently very dangerous, but your electrical wiring is designed to safely conduct electricity throughout your home to where it needs to go. Over time, however, deterioration and damage can cause your wiring to perform less efficiently and less safely, and sadly, most homeowners are unaware of when their wiring is due to be replaced since it’s often out of sight. To help with that, our team of skilled electricians here at Dr. Electric have taken the time to put together this short article helping to identify several signs that indicate your home is due for new electrical wiring.

Frayed Or Bent Wiring

While it might seem obvious that frayed, bent, or otherwise damaged wiring should be replaced, there are many homeowners out there that just tend to look the other direction for one reason or another. Over time, the natural aging process, as well as natural corrosion can cause your wiring to become frayed or bent, and if you notice this, it’s important to ensure you have a skilled electrician come out immediately and determine whether new wiring is the right option for your home.

Presence Of Heat Damage Or Burn Marks

When you touch an outlet or switch anywhere throughout your home, the outlet cover should feel cool to the touch, if not the same temperature as the rest of the room. If you notice that your outlet faces feel a bit hot to the touch, or you notice the presence of dark smudging or scorching around the plate itself, this is a very serious indicator that your wiring is unsafe and in need of an upgrade. If you notice this issue anywhere around your home, it is important to call in a professional electrician immediately, as it can be a major fire hazard.

You Constantly Have To Reset Your Breakers

If you notice that your circuit breakers are frequently tripping or constantly needing to be reset, it’s often a sign that they’re being continually overloaded, and one common cause for this is outdated wiring. Outdated wiring can put a lot of extra strain on your circuit breakers, and can even lead to electrical fires and a number of other serious issues if the problem isn't resolved quickly.

Tingling Or Shocking From Your Appliances

If you notice that you tend to receive a shock, or at least a bit of mild tingling anytime you go to touch your appliances, it could be one of the more common signs of outdated electrical wiring. If you notice this issue happening in your home, the best thing to do is to call in a professional electrician to get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible.

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