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One of the most alarming concerns about problems with outdated wiring is that there is often little to no warning. Aluminum wiring is especially notorious for this.

The bottom line is that aluminum wiring has a bad reputation but it is for a good reason. Just like Dr. Electric has earned the impeccable reputation that we have, also for good reason.

aluminum wiring replacement in birmingham

Reasons To Have Your Aluminum Wiring Replaced

It is easy to lose sight of the potential dangers of something you cannot even see. Maybe you have even had a recent electrical safety inspection and no threats were detected.

However, if you still have aluminum in your electrical system, something could happen at any moment! Why does this type of wiring need to go? Why go for aluminum wiring replacement instead of just repair?

  • When aluminum heats and cools, it more drastically expands and contracts. This ends up causing connections to become loose.
  • In some cases, the loose connections only result in a loss of power. However, in more serious instances, there can be an arc, spark, conditions heat up and a fire can start.
  • Repairs are not worth the financial investment because the money should be spent on replacement.

Above all else, when it comes to your safety, that is what matters most. There is no point having a structure that has a fixable component that is unsafe.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement Done Right

The best time to get started with replacing your aluminum wiring is now. Don't wait a minute longer, get in touch with our Birmingham electricians so we can address this safety threat, in a prompt and professional manner. We work with both residential and commercial clients, and look forward to getting this taken care of, as soon as possible.

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