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Professional Electrical Repairs in Birmingham

One of the most important tasks that you can address, as a homeowner, is to have an electrical repair specialist lined up. You never know when repair needs will arise, but you need to be able to address them in a prompt and professional manner.

As serious as electrical wiring is, we still see so many botched jobs carried out by someone who had no business doing so. Know your Birmingham electrician and never consider addressing this type of task as a DIY job.

birmingham electrical repair man

Ceiling Fan Repairs

ceiling fan repair in birmingham

Even your ceiling fans need to be in proper working order. While comfort is a major factor, it is also to make sure there is nothing going on in the wiring in your walls that you should know about.

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electrical troubleshooting in birmingham

The repair isn't the goal of the project, getting to the real cause of the problem is. Any self-proclaimed expert can attempt repairs, but those fixes are usually for the symptoms not the authentic cause of the issue.

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Lighting Repairs

lighting repairs in birmingham

You need professional lighting repairs, in order to keep things safe in your home. Being able to turn on the lights with the flick of a switch shouldn't come with the risk of shock, electrocution or fire.

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Outlet Repairs

birmingham outlet repairs

Too many homeowners have at least one receptacle in their house they refer to as a dead outlet. There is never a good reason to have a potential fire threat lingering in your walls, so make it a point to get those non-functional outlets inspected.

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GFCI Electrical Outlet

gfci outlets in birmingham

The GFCI electrical outlet is meant to offer you and your loved ones the utmost protection, when it comes to rooms where electricity and water are close to one another. For this, and all of your residential electrical service needs, contact the reputable and established pros at Dr. Electric.

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